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Free Estimates

Compare your existing monthly electricity bill to what a full system would cost you per month, alongside savings.

Offset Uprades

See what upgrades are needed to your existing solar system to increase your electric offset to 100%(+).

Detach & Reset

We provide experienced and prompt labor for a detach & reset on existing panels for roof replacements/repairs.


We are a Premier Solar Company of Texas, specializing in high end solar systems for both Residential, Multi family homes, and commercial projects. We take pride in servicing our Property Owners by making sure they understand every step, to assure full transparency and trust. Hiring a solar company should not be a scary thing; when the project is done by your design.

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Fully Insured

Our standard insurance policy covers $1 million and additional riders are provided to ensure full coverage of your project.

5-Year Labor Warranty

We stand by our work for five years to provide you peace of mind that all work is done to last.

Minority Owned

Design Solar, Energy Solutions was started and is owned and operated by small group of minority, Godly men.

Green Installer

We commit to sustainability throughout our entire business and demonstrate this by recycling shingles and providing energy efficient roofs.

New Solar Systems

Do you suspect a problem with your roof? Let us take a look - inspections are free and our expert roofers will carefully inspect your roof to determine if a repair, restoration or replacement is necessary.

Upgrading Systems

Design Roofing brings years of experience and technical knowledge to all types of roofing projects from detailed restoration jobs to simple repairs. Design Roofing has you covered for all roofing projects, as well as contracting services for gutters, windows, garage doors and fences.

Panel Detach & Reset

When it’s time for your old roof to go, choose Design Roofing - certified for residential, multi-family and commercial applications of asphalt, modified bitumen, rolled, EPDM, TPO, silicone coating, metal, stone coated, slate and steel roofing.


Step 1 – Inspection of the roof and assessing all damage. We do a 100% full inspection of the roof as well as the exterior area of the home/business including gutters, fence, A/C, etc.

Step 2 – Once the inspection is complete and we have identified significant damage from hail and/or wind, we will be happy to assist you with the filing of your claim with the insurance company while still on premises. It’s only a 10-15 minute process to get it filed.

Step 3 – Within 3-7 days of submitting a claim, an adjuster will contact you to set up a date to do an inspection. We will make ourselves available anytime the inspector is at your residence. It is very important that we are there during this process to ensure that 100% of the damages are accounted for.

Step 4 –  We will review all of the damages with the adjuster on site. Once the adjuster leaves, we will actually get to the fun stuff such as shingle and color selections. A contract will be signed with all of the selections you have chosen at that time.

Step 5 – In most cases, the roof installation will be a one-day process determined by the size of the home. All other repairs will be done following the roof installation.


Polycrystalline Panels

Man installing alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof

Monocrystalline Panels


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